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We'll help you to find your voice.

At Working Accents we assess your voice in a friendly and supportive environment with customized courses to meet your needs.

With personalized sessions we help you to recognize and control the factors that may affect your voice quality and diction. We address posture, alignment, and muscle coordination for better breath management and we show you ways to bring warmth and freedom to the speaking voice through the balance of resonance and the placement of healthy speech.

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Customized courses to meet your needs

Improving articulation for better communication

Speech Sounds (phonemes) form the basis of language. At Working Accents we identify the specific speech sounds that may impact the way you speak. We tailor classes and homework around the practice of those speech sounds through the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This proven method helps us to target “problem sounds” and to give you a clear path to addressing them.

We focus on improving articulation and overall communication skills, minimizing your accent and aiming for greater intelligibility. Through recordings made during your lessons, you will be able to hear just how much you have improved. You’ll benefit from individualized take-home assignments and practice speech exercises between classes.

Speech is learned. In order to unlearn speech habits you must replace them with other speech habits. What’s the key? Awareness. Motivation. Practice, practice, practice. Sorry! :)

Standard American English is becoming more important in today's global market, and by adopting good speech habits you can be more productive and achieve greater success in the workplace.

Engaging your audience with better speech delivery

What impression do the voices of the people around you suggest? What does your voice say about you?

Although rugged and cool-mannered, Abraham Lincoln possessed a shrill and squeaky voice. How might this have impacted his career in today's media age? What impression would Sylvester Stallone's denasal, stuffy-head quality present if he were in front of a college classroom or board of directors? What might you think of the breathy, wafer-thin voice of Marilyn Monroe if she were a prosecutor in a courtroom?

Your voice is the most important link between you and your audience. Your voice reflects who you are as an individual, your level of confidence, and how you feel. Good speech delivery invites your audience to focus on what you’re saying, not on how you’re saying it. A well-delivered speech succeeds through clear articulation, and a pleasing natural quality. It is expressive, and demonstrates variety in pitch, pace and phrasing.

An effective speech is dynamic in nature, easily heard and sincere, and motivates your audience to stay focused on your thoughts, intentions, attitudes and feelings.

Convenience & flexibility for busy professionals

We offer flexibility for busy professionals with a customized schedule of 12 weekly classes. Individual one-hour sessions and 90-minute small group sessions are scheduled weekly at your convenience.

Not interested in a class package? We can customize a course to meet your needs. First determine your goals:

  • Are you a presenter, teacher or trainer working in a group format?
  • What is the nature of your job?
  • How much speaking do you do on a daily basis?
  • Who is your clientele?
  • Do you work with American English speakers or global clients?
  • Do you possess a heavy foreign accent or a mild regional accent?
  • Are your current speech patterns allowing you to meet your goals?

Companies today recognize that strong communication skills can impact the success of their business, so many of them will encourage job-related education and training by covering expenses.

When you're ready to get started contact us and let us know how we can help.

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