Lasting First Impressions

Success stories from happy clients

I thought the program was great. I feel more confident in the delivery of my pitch and I will put our presenters suggestions to use immediately.

Delivery Skills workshop participant

It was really pretty awesome. Thank you.

Delivery Skills workshop participant

Kara takes her work very seriously and is dedicated to providing high quality service to her clients. Her collaborative energy, flexible approach, persistence and patience resulted in a training module that fit our budget and needs. The feedback we received was extremely positive. In general, Kara brings an enthusiasm and passion to her work that makes her a pleasure to work with. She is highly creative in her ability to problem solve difficult training issues from a multi-faceted approach, and is an empathic and highly skilled trainer who demonstrates a commitment to excellence.

Rama G
Principal Engineer, Affinity Group Leader, Johnson & Johnson

I have never experienced such a lesson. This system is so systematic… For Japanese, ‘L’, ‘R’, and ‘Th’ is so difficult, but I feel I get better after today’s lesson.

D. Kurihara
Marketing, Johnson and Johnson: 1-Day Workshop.

This is an excellent workshop. It helped me identify (what) I need to work on to improve my English pronunciation and reduce my accent.

S. Dun
Project Engineer, Johnson and Johnson: 1-Day Workshop.

Attending this program has opened up the world of phonemes for me. Though I had attended voice modification programs in the past, nobody approached explaining the mechanics of voice production as Kara did. I am now equipped with the tools and techniques needed to further my accent learning for life, thanks to Working Accents! If English is a foreign language for you and if you are interested in the way America speaks it, then I highly recommend that you attend the Working Accents program. It helped me and I believe it can help you too.

Ramam K. Garapati
Senior Software Engineer, Gaming Solutions, GTECH

Kara's training made real difference in my speech pattern. She helped me to remove my Korean accent and to obtain the true native accent. The discussion with my academic advisors became different. I have got a real confidence in front of the audience. Meeting Kara was a blessing in my academic career development. I would not forget this special experience with Kara in my PhD study at Brown University.

Young Chul Kim
Economics PhD, Brown University & Research Fellow, Korea Development Institute

Kara had a tremendous impact on students and they always showed enthusiasm when working with her.  Her work definitely produced positive results in class.

Nik Peros
ESL Teacher

The secret to Kara’s continued success as singer, actress and educator lies in her unparalleled ability to communicate with any audience. She employs her own unique blend of knowledge and study of the subject matter, a well-read and well-traveled mind and an uncompromising pursuit of quality to capture the imagination and hold the attention of those with whom she is engaged. The results are always superior, and often magical. Anyone who communicates with Kara Lund will come away with the feeling that they are more than they were before meeting her.

Dr. Matthew Larson
Vocal coach/Music director

Working with Kara has been one of the best learning experiences of my life and has taught me so much about proper speech placement. I am now much more aware of how I am using my voice as well as paying closer attention to how those around me speak (which has made listening to the radio almost unbearable;). Classes with Kara have been truly effective, eye-opening and highly enjoyable.

Amanda Flynn
Voice student


I hired Kara to help me with a presentation that I gave at a community college to a Learning in Retirement group in the fall of 2011. I had been criticized in the past for my flat, lifeless delivery, and I was hoping that Kara could teach me to give a more dynamic presentation. I spent a couple of months working with her, and the results were outstanding. She taught me to be enthusiastic about my material and to transfer that enthusiasm to my audience. Her approach was very holistic and went beyond just my speech. She helped me connect with my audience with gestures, eye contact, posture, and demeanor. She added character and variety to my speech and taught me how to project into a large auditorium. She transformed my ability to present. I felt a real connection with the audience while I was giving the talk. The audience showed a real interest in what I was saying, they laughed at my jokes, and they asked a lot of questions at the end. Several people came up to me at the end of my talk to say how much they had enjoyed it.

I think Kara’s combination of experience in voice coaching and in teaching both acting and singing gave her a special insight into what I needed to do to improve my delivery, and the results were outstanding. I think she could help most people improve the strength of their delivery, be it for a presentation to a large audience or for a manager trying to motivate their employees.

Michael G
Technical Writer, Simulia

The ability to transform a group of computer nerds and business workaholics into polished presenters is a testament to Kara’s adaptive skill.

Nick Such
CEO, Building Layer

Attending this workshop today taught me tools that I can use to further my public speaking delivery and hopefully help me in my career.

R. Diaz
Snr. Project Q.A.E., Johnson and Johnson: 1-Day Workshop.

I've had voice and accent training at a call center in India. Not understanding the sounds of the language lead to unsuccessfully faking an American accent.

The Working Accents training module is very unique. It not only gives an in depth knowledge of sounds and voice but also helps one identify and rectify the native tongue influence while speaking English. Working Accents provided in depth knowledge of phonetics and manner of articulation making it both unique and effective. I understood the logic behind pronunciation and how the sounds are formed. The training made me conscious of the way I pronounce words and I’m more aware of how I sound now when I say a word. Working Accents allowed me to feel more empowered and I see a dramatic change in the efforts I make to pronounce the words correctly and emphatically. I also see that my pronunciation has changed tremendously and with constant effort, I believe that it’s going to get better and better.

Prabin Bensam
M.B.A. Finance, Global Business Leadership Johnson & Wales University

Kara Lund is an experienced diction instructor having taught at the university level for many years. She sings in several languages including Italian, Spanish, French, German and Japanese, among others. Kara is highly trained in vocal production techniques and has a keen understanding of the role breath management plays in speech and articulation.

Julibeth Andrews
Marketing & Promotion Coordinator, Brown University Theatre Department

Kara is the consummate professional. She combines competence, precision, poise, and high standards of achievement from herself, as well as from her students and clients. She successfully helps people: improve their singing, develop professional quality speaking voices, reduce regional and international accents, and manage performance anxiety. Her personal background in performance, IPA, diction of multiple languages, and training in vocal health, give her a unique background to service both the artistic and the business communities.

Eric R. Bronner
Faculty, Roger Williams University, Salve Regina University

Your support and posture cues have had a profound effect on how I now choose to use my voice. Breath control is no longer a nagging concern, and as the results from your training slide into place I hear a more animated, professional speaker.

Ted Staples
Vice President and Trust Officer

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